The other way

After I got my second Open Reel Studer, I had to think about a preamplifier to deal with balanced in- and outputs. Not so easy to find, so I looked around in the Pro_World and finally found the MTX Monitor, made by FUNK Tonstudiotechnik in Berlin.

The owner, Thomas Funk, is crazy about optimising the measurement side of the unit and does not even listen to the result. First of all, I thought “how stupid”. But after thinking longer, I started to understand Thomas. What “normal” HiFi_designers do, is balancing a design by ear with all sort of components, just getting the basic measurements right, but never dig into details why a certain component does sound better.

Well Thomas does and he knows more about those technical details than any other person, I ever spoke to. For him, getting the technical side right, is key. Phase, distortion, Intermodulation, everything he tries to bring up to the highest possible level. And I’m talking here about the real McCoy, not what you can normally find in brochures.


The MTX Monitor got 4 unbalanced, 4 balanced inputs, monitor routing, balanced and unbalanced outputs….and yes, a remote control with cable. Yeah, I know, cable is not sexy, but the remote is more or less a copy of the front panel, so it is really a big help in every days work.


So you want to know how it sounds? Sensational! It is so open and transparent without any hard edge and with a image to die for. It does not react a lot on cables (including the power cable) and that’s the result of the design, not accident.

To be honest, I was sceptical, but after a half day testing, I must say it, is true. This unit will stay here for sure. It’s around 3000€ and that’s a bargain for the sound quality.

No heavy knobs, no thick Alu front, but 100% professional quality – that’s all I wanted. Hope Thomas never sees this photo with his preamp on my ACapella base and with a Thixar weight on top (to balance the cables on the rear).  

Funk Tonstudiotechnik