The mechanical offset of the drivers

As described in the article before, the drivers need to be placed at the correct distance to the listener.

Placing it on a standard stand would give a few centimeter delay for the woofer. Not acceptable for our first order project, so the tweeter needs to go back in relation to the woofer.

The easiest way is to tilt the cabinet. A quick calculation gave around 11° with the 8″ woofer and a 46mm BMR driver

It’s easy to measure if that fits in reality. The box was standing in our anechoic chamber and a KLIPPEL TRF was performing the task. Microphone distance is around 2m. Please note, Klippel places the impulse upside down.

Yes, it does. Both drivers are starting at the same time….maybe a few millimeters still needed to be perfect, but so far, I can see the way to adjust the timing between the drivers.