Developing the new EPOS Speakers

End of last year, I bought the EPOS brand and now I’ll start developing new EPOS speakers. I studied all the papers I could find and I was reading all the interviews I could find made with Robin Marshall, the original founder of EPOS.

The first information I found, did not really fit what I thought he did and so I was wondering why somebody wrote about high hysteresis rubber surrounds, as I try to avoid them to keep the dynamic as high as possible.

In the end, I wound an interview that made a lot more things more clear to me… the link below to read about Robins opinions.

Here are some important quotes:

Start Quote: “Simple crossovers place huge demands on the drive units and in almost every respect are more difficult to engineer properly than complex ones. In a perfect world I would use first order electro-mechanical slopes because nothing else can equal their time and frequency domain performance. Lots of things need to be right to make them work and it certainly isn’t a trivial engineering exercise. It’s the fastest route I know to exposing all the deficiencies you built into your drive units!

First order electrical slopes designed in isolation of the responses inherent to the drive units are not the same thing as first order electro-mechanical slopes, as I sure you know, and may or may not provide the same performance benefits”. End Quote

Here you can read the first important thing about the new EPOS. We will not make a crossover with as little parts count as possible, but we will do a fist order slope for woofer and tweeter.

Standby, more to follow!